Virgin Media Mobile phone services

Best uses of Virgin Media Mobile phone services according to reviews in 2015.

Virgin Media mobile phone service in 2015 is for a certain type of phone users and not for someone who is constantly using their phone for long term internet or major business. Virgin mobile is more for phone users within the sprint user area, and for people who don’t use the web via their phone. So if this describes you, than Virgin mobile is the mobile service to go with. Reviews of Virgin mobile are mixed because the consumer who did not fully understand their need and what Virgin mobile offers were not as satisfied as the many that knew that they only wanted limited service and were satisfied with that People have Rave reviews for Virgin Mobile’s Customer Service.check my latest blog post at

Virgin mobile uses sprint service towers and as with all cell phone service providers there is occasional phone interruption. Sprint is among the bottom of the top cell phone for quality but still provides good enough service to keep customers happy. So when there is a problem with the service or possible problems with a phone the customer service for Virgin Media is top rated among reviewers. You can easily talk with a live person or email them on the web for a quick response.

Multiple Plans, Low Web Users Benefit the Most From Virgin Mobile Service.

If you are not a heavy web user from your phone then Virgin mobile service is an excellent choice. According to reviewers in 2015, the $35.00 plan serves just fine for people who are within the strong sprint network since that is the network that Virgin borrows for their service. Consumers were very satisfied with their texting abilities, their phone service, and customer service. The web browsing is limited so if anyone who does not use the web a lot on their phone is happy.

Iphone, is one of the many kinds of phones used with Virgin Mobile

Some of the great reviews about Virgin Media mobile phone service are the types of phones that you can use with the service. You are now able to use the Iphone with the Virgin mobile service. Virgin mobile is a great pay as you go service so you are not locked into a contract and your monthly payment is low. There are also other great phones to buy from Virgin mobile which people are very impressed with like the Samsung Galaxy S 5, Lumia 635, LG volt and many more. The plans are low cost for these excellent smart phones, and the phone service with unlimited talk starting at $35.00 is a real crowd pleaser.

Virgin Media Mobile phone services

Overall Virgin mobile is a good rated mobile service in the review department that may have some limitations to its mobile service, but plenty of people fit within the parameters making those customers very happy. Everyone is different and has different needs, but why pay more money when your needs are different than others, If you have better things to do than hang on the phone all the time than you really shouldn’t pay heavy phone and web user prices, so Virgin Media Mobile top reviewed for its category phone service is just the type of mobile service for you.