Key Elements of Social Customer Service

Virgin media customer service is entirely different from social media marketing regarding its approach. In today, business environment, the basic interaction between client’s enterprises happens across multiple touch points.

Other than doing marketing and promotion, it very important to address complaints and answer customer queries in real-time to make sure customer delight and profitability of your business. Anything that looks like sluggish approaches to social media customer service may result into full-blown issue for business and their brands

We have identified some three key elements of Virgin media customer service, which are as follows:


If you’re a big company, you might have several market segments. You should prioritize your social customer service according to the most common high-value businesses. So, priority should be given to the most profitable market segment. You should also prioritize the complaints, which can go viral and damage your brand image.

British Airways was under fire for a similar case of failure to prioritize social media service. The problem was escalated further, when they tweeted that they don’t have 24×7 customer services on Twitter. Hassan Syed, a British Airways passenger lost his father’s suitcase. He went for a promoted Tweet complaining about the negligent services by the airlines. As the tweet was promoted, it was seen by more than 75,000 users. British Airways could not respond to the tweet going viral for almost eight hours, adding fuel to the fire.

It is not that every organization should have a 24×7 social media support, but a large airline that operates 24 by seven cannot afford not to have a response team to handle such a scenario. It is a matter of prioritization. Virgin media customer service is a priority and a brand cannot afford to ignore it.


Airline delays frustrate the customers to no end. These delays are frequent and people openly express their anger, when it happens. JetBlue acknowledged this problem and decided to handle it by being more responsive, as it was crucial to maintain loyalty. They used social media service not only to engage with the satisfied passengers, but also to address complaints from angry customers. And they did it by being extremely quick.


JetBlue is known to be quite responsive in the airline industry as their response time is less than an hour. Though, they can’t do much in the event of a delayed flight our bad weather, but they have a response team ready, in case there is a crisis and the volume of tweets multiplies at any given point of time thus use Virgin media customer service.

 Quality assistance

Apart from the speed of assistance, quality assistance is also very important. If you are responsive, but your response is of no help, it is equal to no response at all. Comcast, a media and technology company is known to provide quality assistance to their customers looking for specific help.

Virgin media customer service has a team of qualified technical experts on Twitter to respond quickly to deliver accurate solutions.

It is therefore very important to have similar tactics in place to improve overall experience of the customer on social media. Take every complaint seriously and address it quickly and with all honesty. Virgin media customer service is crucial not only for branding, but also for the very survival of your business.

Get to even more consumers with Virgin Mobile Number

Apart from their excellent marketing, advertising, and product range, Virgin Media is also known for its exemplary Virgin Media customer service. The company seems to have realized, very aptly, that good business not only entails talking at their target audience but also talking to them. In fact, this is one of the most important lessons that other competitor companies can learn from the company: how to treat customers.

The primary aim of communication, ever since the concept came into existence, is to get your message across. However, models of communication all dictate that it is a two-way process and that getting feedback and processing it is just as important as sending the message and having people perceive it in a certain way. For companies who want to implement the model, customer service is a very good option. By providing people a way to contact Virgin Media, the company will become a hit with its customers because it will allow them a platform to let out their grievances. Relationship management, like Virgin Media customer service, is essential for companies looking to expand their market base.

Make the social media your weapon:

Another way to get to even more customers with a Virgin Mobile number is to reach them through various platforms, and thus managing to stay in the circle of their awareness all the time. Create a social media page, post pictures of latest products, get opinions from people, conduct polls, try to engage them in conversation, and get them to share your latest updates.  These days, most start-ups realize the potential of social media and are thus not hesitant to use it to expand their customer base. Read this tips!

Give people a platform to speak up:

One can also take a step further and set up a virtual platform, chatroom, or forum for people to come forward and share their Virgin Media complaints. The customer of today is smarter, more engaged, and busier than the consumer of ten years ago. Thus, making him or her wait for something he/she wants can only be detrimental to your company.

So, provide people with reasons to stay connected to you. Give them easy ways to access your company website.  Offer a platform for them to put forward their views. Create a mobile site, an app, or even a message system. Listen to what your customers are saying, and make a note to include it in your agenda.

Lastly, keep an eye out for competition: stay in touch with what other companies, that is, your rivals are doing. Analyze their moves and tools and work out how something you like could be modified to suit your own needs. Does the company offer some gains? Do they offer door to door services? Do they upgrade for free? Are they expanding their line? Staying aware and cautious at all times will not only be beneficial for your business but will also help you concentrate on ameliorating your Virgin Mobile customer service.

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